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While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Or more accurately, I weep for my guitar.

I ordered a beautiful new Martin D15e acoustic guitar from the Sam Ash web site last week.  I've always wanted a Martin and I decided that I wasn't going to settle for anything less.  So I bought it.

I waited all last week checking the Fedex web site to see when it would be delivered.  It came in a great big box (5 feet tall) this past Saturday.

Took extra care to make sure that I let the boxes come to room temperature before opening them (as recommended by the mfr.)

It was beautiful when I cast my first glance into the green velvet-lined case.  The smell of mahogany, gold strings, perfect in every way.

I gently removed it from the case and tuned it up.  Strummed a couple of songs.  "Old Man" by Neil Young.  Had to hear if it had the beautiful tone I was expecting.  Yes, it was all there.

After the first wave of euphoria wore off--about 30 minutes into the unpackaging--I decided it would be wise to check for any defects or blemishes on the wood.

I turned the guitar over and in the curve of the shell was horrified to find a 4 1/2 inch crack in the wood.  I would have to send this back.

With all of the pain in the world, this story doesn't even rank.  But it was disappointing.  I had to carefully place everything back in the case--the owner's manual, the plastic wrap over the case, the case in the cardboard box and the cardboard box in the shipping box.  It was like putting something you loved in a coffin and bidding a final farewell.

I attached the RMA label to the box and took the whole thing back to Fedex. 

No idea when the replacement will be sent.  This particular model is on back order from Martin.

The picture below shows the line of the crack.  <sniff>

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